Band Shot 1Anthony LoGerfo                Corey McCormick                Lukas Nelson                          Tato Melgar

Drums                                     Bass                               Vocals/Guitar                          Percussion

Cowboy Hippy Surf Rock



Anthony LoGerfo – aka Tony Lo was born in sunny Southern California. As a kid growing up with the cool ocean breeze Anthony loved to surf and play drums like he still does today. His heritage has been linked to the indigo children, possessing supernatural traits such as telepathy and empathy.

Corey McCormick – Born from the harsh winter and snow of Truckee, Lake Tahoe, is Corey. He wields his axe back and forth on the stage like a Viking, although it has been said that he is a powerful wizard from the 7th dimension.  Legend has it that he has a pet scorpion that can talk and they were both sent here with one purpose.. To help…

Lukas Nelson – He recently went to a past-life reading where he was informed that he is an ancient being from a distant galaxy who helped colonize earth millions of years before the first recorded human was said to have existed. He also plays guitar, writes songs, sings, and enjoys reading books that help him understand the true nature of life and the universe

Tato. – As a baby I was carried from an unknown location to Uruguay by a flock of northbound Geese, and found in an abandoned horse stable. It was soon discovered by my rescuers that as a small child I had acquired an uncanny skill for drumming. I ran away from my rescuers soon after and grew up as a lone traveller in South America surviving on Armadillo meat and Yerba Mate. I made friends with a Sea Captain and together we sailed to Hawaii.. upon approach, a hurricane formed, destroying the boat and killing my friend the Sea Captain. I floated on my congas to the nearest shore and spent the night on the beach.

The next morning, I found that I was in front of a pleasant beach home in Maui. Incredibly, I wound up on the beachfront property of Willie Nelson and his family. I befriended the family, especially his sons Lukas and Micah. Working as a gardener for room and board, eventually I started a band with the boys and now, years later, I am still a part of Promise of the Real.