This past December we had 1 month off and I had time to surf, catch up on listing to some records and for some family hang time. During my break I listened, for the very first time, to P.O.T.R. Wasted. Yes its true, this was the very first time I heard the vinyl since we released it in back in April 2012. Normally I don’t listen to much of our own music because I hear it everyday on tour but I was really into hearing the record on vinyl.

So I set the mood, turned the lights down and put the vinyl on the turn table. I have some nice vintage speakers so I was stoked. I went to play the vinyl and my record player quit right then and there. It just died and I was really bummed.

Luckily, I have another record player from the 50’s I recently purchased in Topanga Canyon. The speakers have tubes and sound really amazing but are not as clear as my vintage speakers powered by an amp. Anyway, I decided to go ahead and listen to it on my 50’s machine. You have to turn turn this record player on and let it warm up and It makes a low growl when you turn it on. It really feels alive and I think its so cool.

Finally the moment of truth.!I drop the needle and let her rip. Golden rule comes on and I have it cranked. Wow! I was blown away. I could hear all the separation of each instrument and each tone we worked on. This experience brought me back to when we made the record. Neil Young gave us some advice on recording it to 192 and let us do the digital transfers at his ranch. I was once again in the red woods hearing the record as it sounded during the transfers at Neil’s. Thanks Neil and Thanks John Nowland for the all the guidance. If you’re unaware of Neil’s process check out his new book or look up Pono.

As the record continued The Joint came on and it brought me back to the mixes we did in Austin, Texas at Pedernales studios with Steve Chadie. I could hear all the sounds and analog delay just perfectly. My ears were in heaven. I also felt like I was in the room again when we recorded it in Nashville, TN with Moose Brown. I couldn’t believe the vibe from the studio was captured right here in my surf shack.

Neil was right, recording it his way really brought out the full potential of the sound and hearing it now on vinyl was proof. I was so glad my record player broke and I got to listen on the 50‘s vintage player. I imagined all my heroes hearing music this way back in the day. It’s like a fine wine.

The moral of the story. Go buy a record player, go buy a vinyl.!!! And thanks supporting the arts.
see you on the road.

Last Night Jan. 21 was our 4 year anniversary being a band. We had a great jam with Warren Storm (King of Swamp Pop), Dave Hidalgo (Los Lobos), Mickey Raphael and Kevin Smith (Willie’s Band). Thanks to all of the Realers for you support over the years.
Heres to many more.!!!!!!!!!!